BREAKING: Jihadists CAUGHT Working At MAJOR Airport – And That’s Not The Worst Part…


Thanks to the countless reckless actions of world leaders, it is not going to be long before a large-scale terror attack occurs on our American soil. On top of that, the liberal idiots all across the world keep playing the card of political correctness by giving Muslim-majority countries a free pass, so these extremists are free to plan and plot whatever they want, without a fear of being called out. However, now a chilling report has come in from one of the world’s largest airports, and it clearly shows that people travelling at that airport are the will-be victims of ISIS’ next attack.

It has been discovered that four Muslims which were working at the Montreal International airport have been now plotting an act of terrorism for quite some time now. The employees were being monitored after they showed signs of radicalization, where it was later discovered by police investigators that all of them were frequently visiting pro-ISIS websites, posting Islamic propaganda on their social media accounts and even consulted a large number of documents with clear instructions on how to make homemade explosives.

And the even more disturbing thing is that one of these Muslim employees had direct access to the runways and airplanes of the airport, and celebrated when he heard on the news that his buddies succeeded in killing 130 people back in 2015’s Paris attack. And while it would have been a logical decision to fire and arrest the guy immediately, the airport was more concerned of their image after firing a Muslim employee. Instead, what they did was is that they moved them away from the department of airlines.

The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been very instrumental about bringing these savages in our country, after declaring the borders of Canada wide open for every type of filth that wants to enter. He stated “when issues come to light we deal with them in a responsible way, we look into what happened and how we can ensure that Canadians remain safe in air travel.”


If there is one thing we can’t understand is the fact that these people are still WORKING at the airport.

The fact that these freaking terrorists are working at our airports and PLANNING terrorist attacks speaks for itself of how dangerous the situation is. Liberals may try to fill your head with fake information of how these people are the victims, but trust us, they act like victims until they set foot on our soil, then they turn into the hunters.

H/T  usanewsflash