Breaking: Jim Acosta In Total FREAKOUT After Trump Blocked CNN From White House


CNN’s Jim Acosta just got what he deserved. The fraudulent news network is now having real issues with the White House, especially after Sarah Huckabee Sanders took her new position. Now, CNN is completely marginalized in the White House press room and Trump is keeping his promise- no communication with FAKE NEWS factories.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta tweeted his frustration that he was not called on at Thursday’s press briefing, saying the White House was “back to playing games.”

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held her first official briefing in three weeks on Thursday, and Acosta and CNN did not get any questions.

“Shocker! WH back to playing games and refusing to call on CNN at WH briefing,” he tweeted.


He noted in a follow-up tweet that President Donald Trump had still not taken questions in the White House briefing room. He added that former President Barack Obama’s administration would “always” call on Fox News at White House briefings, suggesting it was willing to take questions from a hostile media outlet.



Acosta and the White House have butted heads on multiple occasions since Trump took office; last week, Trump called Acosta “fake news” to his face when the latter questioned him about his initial response to the violence in Charlottesville, Va.

When Sean Spicer was press secretary, Acosta expressed repeated frustration about briefings being held off-camera.

H/T FreeBeacon

Donald Trump already announced that he is not going to treat these CNN manipulators as the rest of the media. Jim Acosta, for instance, works AGAINST Trump. His mission is to compromise the White House, so why should the White House give him that chance?