BREAKING: Jim Clapper Just Got Destroyed!!


James Clapper is one of the biggest disappointments of the previous administration led by Obama. James Clapper opened the gate of the CIA and let the communists freely control positions with great responsibilities and power.

However, Clapper was one of the closest Obama partners and he was part of a larger deep state scheme. Allegedly, the Muslim Brotherhood established huge control over the CIA and the globalists did the same thing to the NSA.

Clapper was just an observer for the whole time. Put in a position where he is going to do what he knows best- listen to orders.

Clapper NEVER did anything productive in his career, but his strings and connections with the people in the top secured him the most important place in the CIA.

Lt. Col. Schaffer decided to share his opinion about Jim Clapper live on Fox News. He explained very well what happens when incompetent people lead important agencies like the CIA.



Clapper’s career is sealed anyway. Now he needs to step out and tell the truth about what happened behind his back, with his confirmation in the CIA.

Mass control, illegal surveillance, connection with terrorist organizations etc. We deserve to know the truth, but we won’t be every given the right answers if people like Clapper are still in the top. Don’t you think?