BREAKING: John McCain Just Stabbed Trump In The Back When NOBODY Expected

John McCain turned his back on Donald Trump and America. In these hard times when we have to decide our future, such influential person stabs the President. It is well known that this huge sabotage plan against Donald Trump is organized and led by George Soros, but are those leftists strong enough to defeat the man who was chosen by the nation with clear victory on the election?

Donald Trump is going to send the Navy close to Iran and also the actions against ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups will increase. However, McCain makes the things difficult for the President:

John McCain has never really been a conservative. I mean the entire election he was busy trying to find every way possible to screw over Donald Trump! Now he wants to sabotage our relationship with Russia?!

You see, right after Trump spoke with Putin for the first time since becoming President, Russia had another armed skirmish with the Ukraine.

Trump was happy to work with Putin. McCain does not agree so he wrote a letter to the President with his own advice:

“That this surge of attacks began the day after he talked with you by phone is a clear indication that Vladimir Putin is moving quickly to test you as commander-in-chief. America’s response will have lasting consequences.”

McCain went on to describe his own plan to fight Putin, which is far less friendly than Trump’s plan.

“So long as Russia continues to occupy Crimea and destabilize Ukraine, I implore you to maintain current sanctions against Russia. And based on Russia’s attempted interference in our elections, I urge you to expand current sanctions against Russia.”

Chill out, John McCain. President Trump is not stupid. He knows that Russia still needs to prove themselves if they want to be our friends. I’m sure he will react accordingly.

McCain is a thing of the past. A relic of an era of corrupted democracy in the United States. The real question here is, “Who keeps electing Senator John McCain?”

H/T Liberty Writers News

Is this a betrayal or something like that? To be honest this situation is abysmal and someone has to take responsibility. McCain has to stop with the dirty games because we could be in danger. What is their purpose? World War III ? No, thanks!