BREAKING: Judge Who Halted President Trump’s Travel Ban Just Got AWFUL NEWS


The liberal minions went too far when they decided to fight in an open war against the President of the USA. However, the powerful global elitists and their dear servants- the liberals, did everything they could to succeed in their plans to sabotage the executive order known as the ,,muslim ban”. Their judge was an ace in the pocket, but Donald Trump is pretty serious- he is going to take a revenge.

Last Friday night, Judge James Robart issued a temporary restraining order blocking Donald Trump’s travel ban that stopped immigrants from seven countries from entering the U.S.Early this morning, Trump took to Twitter to slam Robart and other renegade liberal judges that are trying to take him down.



The Gateway Pundit reported that Trump spoke to US law enforcement leaders in Washington D.C. on Wednesday morning. During his speech, Trump read the federal law that specifically gives the president the right to suspend entry of any class of aliens into the United States.

“I have to be honest if these judges wanted to help the court they will do what they should do…” Trump said. “It’s so perfectly written and clear to everybody. I watched last night and couldn’t believe what I was hearing… It would be so great for our justice system if they could read what is happening and do what is right… General Kelly is a great man. We are doing our job…”

H/T Truth Monitor

The nation chose Donald Trump to be the leader of the country because this man has a vision. No judge, politician or terrorist can change that. The idea is immortal. Donald Trump brought fresh new ideas, everything in order to protect America and ensure a secure future with prosperity and well being. We have to stay united and end this madness. As you can see Donald Trump has every right by the constitution to do what he intends.