BREAKING: Libs are Knocked Out After Trump Gave This KEY CABINET POST To Sarah Palin! Patriots Are CHEERING


The liberal movement in the USA is pretty serious when it comes to Donald Trump’s decision about his staff members. The new resident of the White House is going to make radical changes in the nation’s administration. We heard many predictions about the crucial positions taken by republicans. We MUST work as one, go with full strength and make America great again. Sarah Palin, member of the extreme-conservative wing of the republican party, as the experts predict, will be one of the most valuable key-players in Trump’s administration.

Sarah Palin, according to WesternJournalism, may be the new secretary of the Department of Veteran Affairs. Meanwhile, since Obama came to power, this institution was put on the margins of our society. It is still shocking how did we let this people destroy one of the most important institutions of our country. Many people, probably, would disagree with this, but let’s see the things straight.

The United States of America gained total power and world domination depending on our brave soldiers. Our forefathers spilled blood and broke bones to give us freedom. Our parents and grandparents fought all around the globe to maintain stability, tranquility and justice in every corner of the world.

They made America the country we know today, being shield and sword against any evil that is able to harm. In the 21th century they got nothing! Now our military is weaker than ever, the standard of our soldiers and veterans is low like never before. Why? What is the purpose of Obama and all the liberals that, in a way, want to get rid of our veterans and be def to their problems?

Some people like Sarah Palin, made tremendous efforts to improve their situation in the last 10 years, but they had extreme obstacles. Democrats accused her and they still accuse Palin for being conservative, racist and they blame her for announcing ,,war of the women”. This is sick, isn’t it ? This woman told the truth only, nothing else.

They are mad because she told in public that Guantanamo terrorist have better medical care than our veterans? Because she ,,painted” their lifestyle before the nation- miserable lives in the country you’ve been ready to die for?! However, this hypocrisy and made up stories meant nothing to the honest and reliable Donald Trump.

This is the video Palin posted on her facebook page. It is simply amazing and touching. This is a real patriot! We must not forget the fact that the poster of this video is Dakota Meyer- Sarah’s son in low who’s been awarded with medal of honor. This is a real patriot family!

While this people try to improve the lives of our vets, classic liberals, as we know them, their speech of hate began. Conservatives, on the other hand, strongly support this decision. Look at these tweets:

In advance we report to you which people are crucial for this office. These people are the important personal that rotate behind the VA department and the White House:

Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown is known for winning the seat long held by Ted Kennedy, but he lost it with the next election. Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., is chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs and knows the system’s challenges, but is hardly a household name. Retired Army Gen. Keith Kellogg is a close Trump adviser who made a name for himself as a campaign surrogate, but might not be the new broom the agency really needs.

H/T WesternJournalism

Let us pray for our heroes! Trump is going to keep his promises and change the destiny of thousands of veterans in no time! When Sarah Palin takes this position, we can assure you that no more scandals,treachery or disrespect will be done. This things really hurt people’s feelings. We are patriots and we know who fought for our freedom. We will never forget our heroes. Liberals, you can go to Canada if you wish, you wont be connected to our veterans in any way. Or go somewhere else with your donors and build utopia oasis of peace.