BREAKING: Look Who Just Got Arrested! It’s Confirmed!


Uh-Oh! The corrupted liberal leftists are the worst scum living on Earth. This is not an insult, not at all, this is just a rational way of observing and analyzing the things. The psychopaths who want to establish global state and rule the entire world are sick people. That is confirmed by their personalities, especially in their private lives. One of the most controversial leftists in the USA is Al Sharpton. As he represents himself, he is supposed to have risen good children, but his daughter brought him devastating news. Read more below:

Ashley Sharpton, Al Sharpton’s daughter, has been arrested for allegedly attacking a cabbie and stealing his keys.

From The NY Post:

Al Sharpton’s daughter capped off her 30th birthday by getting arrested after she allegedly attacked a cabbie and stole his keys, cops said.

Ashley Sharpton was charged with petty larceny after briefly tussling with the cabbie on the West Side of Manhattan, then snatching his keys and tossing them, sources said.

“I threw your keys in the street,” Ashley, 30, told the hack.

Sharpton was partying with friends when the women piled into a cab around 1 a.m., telling the driver, “just go, just go.”

But without a destination, the frustrated cabbie quickly pulled over at West 48th St and 9th Avenue and demanded clearer instructions, sources said.

Sharpton, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, allegedly grabbed his keys out of the ignition and stalked off.

Things got physical when the cabbie got out and tried to grab the keys from Ashley, telling her, “Give me my keys back,” cops said.

“I don’t have your keys,” she allegedly spat before later admitting she tossed them.

One of her pals might have given Ashley an awful birthday present by filming the encounter. Cops said the footage shows Sharpton punching the driver in the chest.

Sharpton took off and was nabbed around 3 a.m. on West 45th Street. She was given a desk appearance ticket and released.

She’s been celebrating her big birthday since Thursday, social media shows, lunching with friends at STK Steak House and Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar on West 72nd.

“Bringing in my special day at midnight with my SB family and the Legendary Valerie Simpson (the Queen Virgo)” with the hashtags “#GodIs #Thankful#BlessedToSeeThisDay #AGSSlays30.”


He is so pathetic, SPREAD THIS STORY. Al Sharpton deserves to be humiliated. Do you know why? Because he always enjoys humiliating others. He is mean and corrupted to the bone, he’s not a spiritual or religious leader either, he is just a crooked communist.