Breaking: Loretta Lynch Alias Just Exposed


DING-DONG IT’S A JAIL TIME! With this sentence, we began our latest article about Loretta Lynch and her ALIAS. First, it was brought by the famous hacker Kim. com as a speculation and, of course, the evidence against Loretta Lynch and her close ties with the Clinton family.

However, today even the mainstream media(or just part of the mainstream media) has a stunning update on Loretta Lynch’s illegal usage of ALIAS in her i-communication.

Lynch, using the Elizabeth Carlisle account, which was hosted on the Justice Department’s system, was also involved in those discussions.

Lynch’s attorney, Robert Raben, confirmed to TheDC on Monday that Lynch emailed under that pseudonym. He pointed to an articlepublished in The Hill last February in which the Justice Department acknowledged that Lynch was using an email handle that was not her given name.

“That address was and is known to the individuals who process [Freedom of Information Act] requests; the practice, similar to using initials or numbers in an email, helps guard against security risks and prevent inundation of mailboxes,” Raben said.

The aversion to an overflowing email inbox was one of the defenses offered by Holder after his use of a pseudonym was revealed last year. Holder used the alias “Lew Alcindor” — the birth name of NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — as his email handle until he left DOJ in 2015.

The Carlisle emails were discovered over the weekend by followers of Reddit accounts that support President Trump. Some users developed the theory that Lynch used her grandmother’s name as a her pseudonym. Others concluded that Lynch broke the law by using a pseudonym, though it is not illegal for government officials to do so.

In one email, sent just minutes after ABC News inquired about the tarmac meeting, Melanie Newman, the director of DOJ’s public affairs office at the time, wrote an email to the Elizabeth Carlisle account that she addressed to “AG Lynch.”

Of course, she used her alternative e-mail AG Lynch, as she refered herself. And now… THE MOMENT OF TRUTH-TAKE A LOOK AT THIS:


AG ?? Huh-those liberals never learn their lesson. She was not as reckless as Hillary and Huma Abedin, but she made a crucial mistake.


As you can see, Loretta Lynch DIDN’T care about her position as AG, she cared for her PARTY only. Instead of fighting corruption, AG Lynch was one of the strongest and most dedicated sponsors, supporters, and ideologists of the most corrupted THING in the American history- the globalists’ DEEP STATE.

You can read the first part of the story HERE. In the first part, you can see the BIRTH CERTIFICATE of her grandmother and, of course, more leaks from Kim dot com.