BREAKING: McCain Just SET FIRE to Hillary Clinton’s Entire Campaign!


VIA: LibertyWritersNews

Let me start off with an apology. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of chances these days to say “McCain Set Fire to Hillary.” John McCain has been a bit sluggish this election. His daughter MEGHAN McCAIN, however, has been one of Trump’s best supporters!

Now, anyone who has ever seen McCain talk knows that she is a fireball, but you have NEVER seen her explode like she did after finding out Hillary ordered her servants to smash 13 blackberries phones with hammers!

“What kind of backwoods Mafia thing is this?! If somebody is destroying mycell phone with a hammer, there’s some Really, Really bad stuff on it. This person wants to be our President! That is Crazy!”

And “CRAZY” is putting it nicely. I think the best word for it would be straight up CRIMINAL!

Look, if ANYONE else in the United States had done what she did, they would be in prison already!

Not only is she guilty of mishandling classified documents, she has now admitted toObstruction of Justice and Tampering with Evidence during an FBI investigation.

Hillary is a FELLON, people! A freaking FELLON wants to be our president!

Meghan McCain just lit the fires of rebellion, now we need to work together to smoke her out! Won’t you help burn Hillary to a pile of ashes once and for all?

All it takes is a single SHARE on Facebook. Once people see this, they will share too. In no time, the whole country will be sharing this, and Hillary Clinton will crumble and fall once and for all!

Watch Meghan’s epic rant for yourself: