BREAKING – Melania Just STUNNED The Supporters With MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT [details]


GREAT NEWS! Many people have been asking the question if or if not is Melania Trump going to attend the big speech that her husband is going to give at front of the Congress on a join session. This is a big event with glamourous ceremony and the eyes of the nation will be put on these two- the President and the First Lady. Melania Trump just made her decision about her attendance on the speech- you will love her answer:

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump is scheduled to give his first speech to a joint session of Congress. The speech will be attended by both houses of Congress and their guests, as well as Supreme Court justices and Trump’s cabinet.

Many have been speculating as to whether First Lady Melania Trump will be attending the speech, since she has kept a very low profile since her husband was inaugurated. Now, the answer to this question has been revealed.

Bustle reported that Melania will indeed attend the speech and that she will be sitting in the gallery along with special guests invited to the speech by her husband. Three of the guests will be Jessica Davis, Susan Oliver, and Jamiel Shaw, Sr., each of whom have had family members killed by illegal aliens in this country. Davis and Oliver were both married to police officers who were killed in the line of duty by an illegal alien while Shaw’s son was murdered by an illegal immigrant in California.

Some say that these family members have been invited to sit with Melania to counteract a plan by Democrats to bring illegal immigrants to the speech.

Other guests that have been invited to sit with Melania include Megan Crowley, whose father founded a pharmaceutical company that helped keep her alive by treating her chronic Pompe Disease; Denisha Merriweather, who used the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship to attend private high school, a type of school voucher program for which the Trump administration advocates; and Maureen McCarthy Scalia, the widow of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Her appearance at this speech will be only Melania’s second post-inauguration foray into the official presidential limelight. It comes days after she hosted the Governor’s Ball, an event which she planned herself and gave an opening statement at.

H/T Truth Monitor

I am so exited to see this wonderful couple live again, at front of the nation. These two share positive vibrations and spark with hope. And that’s what we all need- we need hope. We need hope that the USA will be GREAT and STRONG again. Our new President has a vision and his First Lady is a great supporter and part of his policy. Together with the people- they can change America !