BREAKING: Michelle Just Came Out Of Nowhere Making This HORRIBLE ANNOUNCEMENT

Michelle Obama just came out in public with a horrible announcement. The liberal hordes are now inflamed with strong hate and anger. That seems like the perfect moment to make her announcement. It seems that Michelle is sick for attention, also she wants to commit even more to the liberal cause. Are you interested and intrigued? Read more in the post below:

During her time as First Lady, Michelle Obama loved nothing more than partying with A-list entertainers. Now, it appears that she is hoping to become one herself…

Conservative Tribune reported that Michelle just announced that she will be joining the show “MasterChef Junior” as a guest judge. “MasterChef Junior” is a reality television competition on Fox in which chef Gordon Ramsey berates a group of children on a weekly basis.

Other guest judges for the upcoming season include Martha Stewart and the Muppets.

Unfortunately for all of us, this move indicates that Michelle has every intention of remaining in the spotlight and possibly even launching a television career for herself. We were hoping she would simply go away after leaving the White House, but she clearly won’t be doing that…

This comes a week after Michelle returned from a 10-day vacation with her husband to the British Virgin Islands. There, the Obamas stayed with billionaire Richard Branson and enjoyed hanging out with their fellow wealthy elites. They also took the time to encourage protesters in the U.S. to continue rising up against Donald Trump.

“President Obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country,” read a statement released by Barack Obama’s post-presidential office. “Citizens exercising their Constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake.”

H/T Truth Monitor

Well, this was expected. Michelle Obama and her husband’s team in the White House, decided to continue their work, just as their commanders say. This is just another prove that the liberal elitists are far from over. It seems that these people will never surrender until they complete every single goal in the Zionists agenda! But, America is strong and will survive! God Bless America!