BREAKING: Mike Pence Just Took Down Paul Ryan! Look What He Just Did…


They tried to push Trump towards the wall using the lame video, but they never made it. Some of the politicians backed out, and that was the worst thing they could do. Let’s take Paul Ryan, for example. He thought that he’s doing a smart move. But, we don’t think so.

Thanks to Pence, Ryan learned his lesson. Hopefully. If something like this is possible. Maybe it takes more than one person to teach this man how he should do things. Can we do it together? Of course, if Ryan has the capacity to soak up all the good thoughts.

Via Liberty Writers News

After the tape released by NBC dropped about Trump’s comments about a married woman, Paul Ryan backed out of supporting Trump.

Let’s take those lame Republicans out of our way. We don’t need losers to run this country. We don’t need people like Ryan near us. And his opinion is the last thing we need to hear. Share the word, and say “no” to Ryan.

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