BREAKING: Mike Pence The UNBELIEVABLE – LOOK What He Did In South Korea This Morning


It’s such an honor to have true patriots leading our country again. One of them is Mike Pence who is trying his best to save this country. This act just shows how much America is proud of Mike Pence for having him as a Vice President

First day of his 10-day Asia tour he spent in South Korea, showing our support despite North Korea’s threats.

On his Twitter profile he showed his honor  to join US & South Korean service members for fellowship

His tweet is just another proof that Vice President Pence is a true Christian and Patriot, who spent the holidays working on our safety.

The other amazing thing is that he laid a wreath for the Fallen South Korean soldiers who fought with US Soldiers as well.

American people are thankful for having such an amazing men and women to lead the country.

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