BREAKING: Moments Ago Rudy Giuliani SHUT DOWN MSNBC in This Video Going Viral!


Is it any surprise that Hillary Clinton would have hired her friends to steal Trump’s tax returns and make them public? Or how about the fact that she had the entire mainstream media attack him for not paying taxes in almost 2 decades?

Nope! Didn’t think so. Of course, Donald Trump is not a defenseless puppy. Donald Trump is a ferocious wolf, and now he just sicked the pack on Hillary!

That’s why Mayor Rudy Giuliani went on CNN today to defend Trump and declare that his clever manipulation of our tax code makes him a GENIUS!

Giuliani RIPPED Jake Tapper in half after Tapper kept trying to bait him with claims that “Trump is a crook for not paying taxes like normal Americans.”

Hey, quick question, if I offered ANY of you the chance to not pay any taxes, would you say “No thanks, I love wasting my money”?

What? You mean you wouldn’t pay taxes either? What a surprise. Hell, every business person that I know gets every deduction they can possibly qualify for. (H/T – ABC)

Check out the awesome interview for yourself.

If you agree that Giuliani is right and you want to save taxes too under Trump’s new plan then share this out with your closest Facebook friends before they get brainwashed by MSM lies!

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