THE END! Pelosi and Schumer TOTALLY RUINED – Trump Announced FULL INVESTIGATION After Sick Picture Surfaces!


Nancy Pelosi and the other liberal hypocrites are facing total lynch from the nation because of their hypocrisy, manipulating the citizens and of course corruption. The leftists attacked Trump’s administration and accused them for having ties with Russians. However, these liberal snakes forgot that their hypocrisy may be revealed-read more below:

You know, there is a saying back where in Tennessee where I grew up: You dug your own grave, now lie in it! Well, Nancy Pelosi brought the shovel, now Trump is putting her political career to rest!

Earlier today, Pelosi was doing an interview with Politico where she handed Trump the win on a golden platter. The paper asked her if she had ever met with Russian ambassador Sergey Kisliak. That’s when she told this LIE:

“Not with this Russian ambassador, no”

Whoops! Bad move Pelosi! Politico was quick to publish a picture of her meeting with the man she LIED about not meeting which Trump almost immediately Tweeted with a very special message:


That, right there, is what you call undeniable proof! I wonder what else she is hiding if she is willing to LIE about something like this.

Of course, her spokesperson tried to cover up for her, claiming she was talking about a one-on-one meeting, but it’s too late for excuses. After all, she wasn’t kind enough to give Attorney General Sessions the same courtesy.

This comes just hours after Trump outted Democrat Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer for his own buddy-buddy relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and demanded and investigation into him as well.


If you believe Trump did NOT sell out America to the Russians and the Democrats need to be stopped and investigated for their own lies, then help our President out by Sharing with EVERY Trump supporter you know on Facebook!

H/T Liberty Writers News

The liberal snowflakes will cry after this. This is just another prove that the liberal leftists are the biggest hypocrites alive. They will do and tell everything in order to accomplish their goals, it doesn’t matter if they play fair or not. But they loose! They are sore losers and the American nation punished the people who represent this policy on the election.