BREAKING: NFL Made The Decision


This is so unexpected. The latest news coming from the NFL is very disturbing. They want to earn back the trust of the fans by doing something that looks like a compromise to them, but will probably enrage the fans even more.

Actually, the NFL may cut the broadcasting of the intonation of the national anthem. They are probably thinking to do this because they realized how low their ratings go and how they’re losing thousands and thousands of fans each week.

DirectTV already enabled to the fans to quit their NFL Sunday packages.  NFL is in panic. Read more below:

According to new reports, the NFL may work with broadcasters to cut out the broadcasting of the National Anthem portion of their football games so as to not offend anyone. reported: Like an offensive coordinator attempting to find the right way to break through a defensive line, the NFL has called for a number of plays in its efforts to accommodate both their players who feel compelled to protest during the national anthem and their increasingly angry fans.

These efforts have ranged from having the players stand together with locked arms during the anthem, to keeping players in the locker room until the anthem is over, and even to having the team kneel before – rather than during – the anthem’s playing.However, none of these tactics have been completely successful, as NFL TV ratings continue to be sacked by viewers who are throwing a penalty flag at the protestors.

Eric Shanks, the president of Fox Sports, told Newsday’s Neil Best earlier this week that his crews plan to return to “standard procedure” this week for NFL broadcasts. That doesn’t include showing the national anthem live for most games because the network normally airs commercials then.
Shanks left the option open, however.

“So I think we’re going to pay attention to events,” Shanks told Newsday. “… A lot of time is happening between now and then.”
Not airing the protests may have the effect – whether intentionally or unintentionally – of quelling the NFL protests, as protestors generally don’t bother to protest if they aren’t in a spotlight.


What do you think about this? Is this going to solve the problem? Hmm… This will enrage the fans even more because it’s insulting. If the players and the owners still want to disrespect the national anthem, the issue is still there.