BREAKING: NFL Ratings Are On A ‘Free Fall’!


NFL just received the new ratings. In not so distant past, every rating poll of the  NFL was a big reason for celebration for the NFL management and the commissioner, as well as the teams of the league.

They enjoyed huge profits, full stadiums, skyrocketing advertisement and contracts with so many sponsors. However, things are changing. Now NFL is facing a true disaster.

Last Night SNF rating dipped another 3 percent from last week. 


On a day that saw Vice President Mike Pence walk out of the Indianapolis Colts-San Francisco 49ers game because of players taking a knee during the national anthem, the Kansas City Chiefs had a very good night on Sunday Night Football. With a 42-34 victory over the Houston Texans in the Lone Star State, the Chiefs won their fifth in a row to start the season.However, with a 10.6/18 in metered-market results, last night was not so stellar for NBC and the NFL. In a seemingly ever-escalating political atmosphere for the ratings-battered league, that marks a 3% dip from last week’s SNF, when the Seattle Seahawks beat the Indianapolis Colts 46-18. That is also a season low for SNF in a season that has been mired in controversy and ratings decline.


Deep inside, both the players, the coaching staff, the owners and the management of the league- all of them know very well that this chaos they created is not going to bring anything good for the league.

Goodell, where are you now? Yesterday he released another statement in which he criticized fans and asked them to be more ‘tolerant’. Well, they are tolerant. They don’t even care anymore. Ratings describe that. NFL is not going to create “oppressed millionaires” on your dime anymore.