BREAKING: No More Patience – President Trump is Sending The Feds In This MAJOR CITY!

The situation with hard felonies in our country is dangerous and anticipatory. Chicago is one of our most beautiful pearls and we can not let this great city rot in the shadows of crime and violence. Donald Trump promised that he is going to take drastic measures to stop the horrible murder rate in this city. Despite the fact that this is a ,,blue city”, Donald Trump has intentions to use the Feds if this situations does not come to an end.

President Trump said he was gonna be a President of ALL Americans. He said he was gonna help fix our inner cities. He said he would save Chicago…WELL NOW HE IS!

Trump doesn’t wanna see any more Americans getting killed anywhere in our own country. We should feel safe. Last night he posted this EPIC Tweet showing he is not messing around.

Now, normally I am not in favor of intervention by the Federal government. I love states’ rights, but 228 shootings are unacceptable. Chicago is a freaking WAR ZONE!!

Last year alone was the DEADLIEST year in the city’s history with 762 murders, 3,550 shooting incidents, and 4,331 shooting victims.

Chicago has long been an anti-gun Democratic stronghold. It is where Barack Obama rose to power and is currently run by Rahm Emmanuel, the former campaign adviser to Bill Clinton.

Trump is very serious about making Americans feel safe again. This morning he is also signing a whole series of executive orders to build the wall and ban refugees from 7 terrorist countries.

H/T Liberty Writers News

Rahm Emanuel is going to be lectured by Donald Trump, trust me. This is unimaginable and a really, really bad apparition in our society. Someone has to take responsibility and clean this mess. Donald Trump promised to make a safe and secure country out of America which means that this madness is over! We need to live happy life in a safe environment and it is a shame something like this to happen in one of our biggest and important cities.