BREAKING! Obama Endorses Another Criminal! WikiLeaks Has Exposed Obama’s French Candidate!


Leave it to Obama to support yet another criminal under the banner of stopping conservative views.

Obama recently endorsed the French Presidential Candidate Macron which goes against all of the whining that the Democrats have done about Russia allegedly interfering in the US election to help president Trump.

They complain about foreign intervention in the US election and then Obama does exactly that!

And can you believe it? He just endorsed another criminal!

Thanks yet again to WikiLeaks. The documents leaked that show tons of money being funneled into off shore accounts for Macron were confirmed.

And you can’t believe what Macron used as his excuse. He must have called Hillary before he released his statement because it’s almost too identical.

Via Reuters:

Former economy minister Macron’s team has complained in the past about attempts to hack its emails during a fraught campaign, blaming Russian interests in part for the cyber attacks.

On April 26, the team said it had been the target of a series of attempts to steal email credentials since January, but that the perpetrators had so far failed to compromise any campaign data.

In February, the Kremlin denied that it was behind any such attacks, even though Macron’s camp renewed complaints against Russian media and a hackers’ group operating in Ukraine.

It appears that if ever exposed for illegal things in a government, the strategy is to deny it, claim the leaks are false, and then blame Russia for the leaks.

Hillary Clinton’s game plan is being adopted by other crooked officials, imagine that.

Why was Obama so adamant that Macron be elected that he would interfere in a foreign election?

Obama goes out of his way to support yet another criminal in the face of “democracy” and “liberal values.”

And the Democrats wonder why everyone can smell their BS from a mile away?

H/T washingtonfeed