BREAKING: Obama Just Gave Away Another $500 Million – Wait Till You Find Out Where – THIS IS SICK

Barack Obama is the president of the USA until 20th of Jan. but only 3 days before he leaves the White House he does the unthinkable. He personally was responsible for a huge debt of over 14 billion $ and it seems that he is not stopping to waste the tax payers money. Obama, as you can read the report below, made a huge waste of 500 million dollars for the UN green fond. Perhaps, this is his response to Trump’s statements that the UN and EU also, are completely unprofitable ( for the USA) organizations in which we do nothing, but loose money, time and reputation in the ,,global frame”. Well, he is completely right. Our country never gets something backwards. The UN use our money and human resources ( such as the military ) for purposes that most of Americans don’t even know about. That is not democracy-shame on Obama!

The Department of State sent another $500 million to the United Nations “Green Climate Fund” Tuesday, marking yet another last-minute move to cement President Barack Obama’s legacy before he leaves office in three days.

Obama pledged $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in 2014, but has only sent $1 billion to the program. The administration sent its first $500 million payment to the GCF in March.

President-elect Donald Trump promised to “cancel billions in global warming payments” to the UN, and instead use that money to “support America’s vital environmental infrastructure and natural resources.”

“We’re spending hundreds of billions of dollars. We don’t even know who’s doing what with the money,” Trump told supporters at a campaign stop in November.

“We’re gonna work on our own environment,” Trump said. “That includes repairing the Herbert Hoover Dike in Lake Okeechobee, protecting the Florida Everglades.”

The GCF was created to convince developing countries, like China, to sign onto the Paris climate accords in 2015. In total, Western countries promised $100 billion by 2020 to fund green programs in poor countries.

Obama sent an initial $500 million payment to the GCF in March 2016 over objections from Republican lawmakers. No funding was appropriated for the GCF in the 2015 budget deal, but there was no prohibition against the State Department moving money from other accounts.

The State Department got the $500 million by moving funds from programs meant to fight infectious diseases, like the Zika virus. The move was instantly criticized by Republicans.

GOP lawmakers also questioned the legality of the funding, since it’s run by a UN body that recognizes the “State of Palestine.” A 1994 law prevents the government from funding UN bodies that recognize Palestine as a state.

Republicans on the Senate Appropriations Committee failed to explicitly block GCF funding from an appropriations bill in June.

H/T Daily Caller

One thing is pretty clear- Obama has some ,,dirty laundry” in his cooperation with the UN. Donald Trump warned us very well about the wrong foreign policy led by Obama, but nobody takes this seriously. Many suspicious foundations threw away billions of dollars in the middle east, for example, which were supposed to help the humanitarian crisis, but in fact, they ended in the hands of ISIS or Al’Nusra. We have to prevent this! Let us hope that Donald Trump will be able to block this huge waste, which is totally unnecessary expense for the tax payers.