BREAKING: Obama Just Got Caught RED-HANDED In A FAKE NEWS Scheme – Media Silent!


It is pretty clear that the mainstream media storms with fake news. They were so big hypocrites and blamed the other side with the accusation of posting fake news.

Now, we want to make it clear: Obama, democrats, liberals and all of their donors post fake news! Look at this scheme:


It is pretty simple: muslim makes massacre with knife- Obama blames the gun law. They work this way because it is all part of their agenda. Dispute everything, control everything, manipulate everyone.

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Earlier this year, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, bragged to the New York Times about how easy it was to shape the narrative.

“The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns,” Rhodes told the New York Times in May. “They literally know nothing.”

Ben Rhode’s assistant, Ned Price, added how prominent reporters in the press corps go on to lead fulfilling careers in journalism.

“I’ll give them some color,” Price said, “and the next thing I know, lots of these guys are in the dot-com publishing space, and have huge Twitter followings, and they’ll be putting this message out on their own.”

In this list, another example is shown in the video below. Look how Johnathan Gruber manipulates the people with his stupid, hypocrite rhetoric:

H/T WesternJournalism

WOW! This is sad and funny in the same time. This people need a lesson! Even a harder one that this election. We have to show them that we are able to think with our brains, which they want to enslave with their lies and treachery. After all, this was the biggest Obama’s accomplishment as a president of the USA.