BREAKING: Obama ’s In HOT WATER…Reporter Exposes New Corruption, STUNS America!


Obama has demonstrated nothing but serious corruption allover America during his two mandates. Now, even more evidence is stirring up scandals among both the politicians and the citizens of the U.S.

As we found out, the president has been giving money as a sponsorship to their pet interests. Let us remind you that this is neither moral nor legal.

The Government Accountability Institute (GAI) has issued a report stating that fines levied against major banks by Obama’s Department of Justice are ending up in the wrong hands.

Author Peter Schweizer discussed the report from his new book, “Clinton Cash,” with Fox Business Network’s “Mornings With Maria Bartiromo” that details how the the funds are obtained—and how they’re ending up in the hands of leftist groups!

Watch the shocking revelation below…

Barack Obama has to not only get out of the White House but also be prosecuted for everything he did to harm America.

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