BREAKING: Obama’s ‘Secret Fund’ Found Active – Sent BILLIONS Before Found – HE’S SCREWED


Obama and his administration are plagued by scandals and affairs since they left the White House. The nation is angry and everybody wants answers. The truth has to be revealed, the USA deserves better- our ex-President should at least respect and cooperate with his successor not sabotage him. However- new scandal in the row- Obama is really going to regret some decisions in his life:

It’s not a shock to Trump supporters that Obama and his administration, as well as Hillary Clinton, are corrupt. But the details behind this scheme are downright appalling!

Congressional investigators have been looking into the Obama administration and have found that they gave billions of dollars towards activist organizations via a slush fund through the Department of Justice. (via Fox News)

“It’s clear partisan politics played a role in the illicit actions that were made,” stated Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX). “The DOJ is the last place this should have occurred.”

The House Judiciary Committee uncovered this scandal. The money was secretly distributed to several nonprofits that were deeply involved in political activism.

Obama and his Democrat cronies were using the Justice Department to extort private businesses for their own gain. Thankfully, Donald Trump and the rest of the Republicans are looking to drain the swamp and stop these disgusting practices.

The scheme was this: big banks are sued by the government, on charges of mortgage abuse and discrimination, but are allowed to get their cases settled by donating to third parties, as long as those parties were not victims of the mortgage abuse.However, the settlements very conveniently leave out how these third-party groups are using this money.So the banks are encouraged to donate to these funds to non-profits, putting the money in the corrupt leftist’s pockets, rather than giving it to the people who actually use the bank.

The problem with the slush funds is that it’s hard to determine where exactly this money is going. However, investigators have found that there has been around $3 billion given out.

This money should be going to the Department of Treasury, that way the legislative branch is limited on how much they can spend. But, the Justice Department argues that the money can bypass the Treasury, because the donations from the bank are “voluntary.” The fact of the matter is that Democrats abused their power, and are now trying to make excuses now that the truth has come out in the wash.Now, with Trump and Sessions in the government, a bill intended to make sure this won’t be able to happen is being brought. The legislation was not successful last year but with Trump in place, I have no doubt this little loophole the Dems have been using will soon be closed.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

The corrupted career politicians have to be stopped in their intentions to ruin this country. Obama, for example, still thinks that he is an important factor in the liberals’s plan to impeach the President. He still works on his policy, knowing the fact that the nation completely supports the new President, and he’s also doing GREAT in the Oval Office. Poor liberals.