BREAKING: It’s Official! California Secedes From The Trump Administration!!!


California takes drastic and radical measures against Donald Trump’s administration. What Governor Jerry Brown did today brings California to the zenith of it’s fundamentalistic and anti-American policy. The dreams of open-border society with different social values are still alive, more alive than ever. This still not-official “sanctuary” state decided to remain rebellious against the constitutional laws of this country which forbids illegal immigration and sanctuary policy. Read more below:

California’s governor has signed a legislation making California a sanctuary state.

From The Hill:

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) said Thursday signed legislation to bar state law enforcement officials from enforcing federal immigration law, making the state a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.The measure, passed last month by the overwhelmingly Democratic California legislature, will bar California police and sheriffs from asking about a detainee’s immigration status. It will also block those agencies from complying with detainer requests from federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. 

An estimated 65 percent of all deportations result from cooperation between state and local law enforcement and federal ICE and Customs and Border Protection officers. The new law, dubbed the California Values Act, requires schools, health facilities and courthouses to establish policies limiting immigration enforcement that may be executed on their premises.


California has officially become a sanctuary state. They wanted to do this, they planned this and they will fight for it for sure. Democrats are extremely powerful in this state and it seems that the Republicans who called for unity are not heard at all. Governor Brown signed the legislation with his pen and now we are going to witness more confrontations on relation Los Angeles-Washington. What is the outcome of all this, what do you think? Should Trump take measures?