Breaking: It’s Official! Jared Kushner Is In Charge!


The Trump administration has been getting the short end of the stick for a very long time now. They have been working very hard for everyone in this country and yet, they get no respect from any democrat. It really is very sad to see.

But at least there are a few people that are willing to stick up for the president and his administration. Conservatives all over the country have come out standing by their support of our leader and it is good to see. But we will likely need to see more of the in the future.

It has just been announced that Jared Kushner would be the man in charge of the Jerusalem outreach done by the White House. He will do a fantastic job and it will be great to see how he responds to this kind of leadership. Kushner has been trying to figure out what he can do to help the situation.

He knows that he needs to be involved but not it too big a way. He has to be very careful with what actions he takes. But he has been in contact with leaders from the area and it sounds like he is making a big difference in the case.

There have been some pretty bad tensions between the powers in the area and the United States wants to help them get it figured out. Kushner was the perfect choice to do this as he has been around President Donald Trump a lot since he took office.

President Trump gave him the task of helping relationships between the countries involved. Diplomats have been trying to come to a solution for some time now but nothing has been done as of now.

Hopefully Kushner will be an integral part in the situation being handled peacefully. President Donald Trump has trusted his advisers to do right by him and for the most part, they have. Hopefully this kind of trust can continue on into the future.

There needs to be more done to stop the spread of hate against him and his administration.