BREAKING: Officials Just Warned Hawaii to Prepare For Nuclear Attack From North Korea [Details]


State Representative Gene Ward has made it clear that although he it’s not his intent to scare the public, the people have to be informed of the gravity of the current situation considering the threat North Korean nuclear weapons pose to Hawaiian residents. Following the nuclear tests North Korea is doing, U.S. experts’ prediction are becoming more grim, fearing they might posses an H-bomb.

In reaction to the ever growing tension between the two countries, U.S. officials are warning the Hawaiian citizens of the consequences of such an attack, as they would be the nearest target in that case.

A presentation created by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency explains the threat being posed by nuclear weapons, and unfortunately, North Korea possesses weapons that are six times more powerful than the ones which we dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

north korea nuclear bomb hawaii

The agency warns that a nuclear missile couldn’t be intercepted “with absolute certainty,” and that nearly 15,000 Hawaiians could be killed with 60% of survivors being exposed to radiation. Although this may sound like something that’s far off and unlikely to happen, state officials are still concerned.

north korea nuclear bomb hawaii

Due to Hawaii’s close proximity to North Korea, residents would not be able to successfully evacuate once notified of a launch. Instead, the documents add that Hawaiians should prepare a shelter for themselves and await further instructions from a warning statement which will be broadcast via radio and TV. – informs silenceisconsent

As a local news paper reported, a secret meeting of the state’s officials may scare the Hawaiian residents rather than prepare them for the possible threat. luckily a leaked copy of the document circulating at the closed door meeting was made public, revealing various plans and tactics for handling such a situation and details the possible devastation occur.


At the moment there is no public fall out shelter in Hawaii which leaves the citizens to seek shelter in their own homes.

The U.S. policy regarding North Korea is familiar. President Trump and Secretary of Defense Mattis have the same stand on the matter- as a diplomatic solution is being preferred, use of strength is not excluded in case the former fails. An ICBM launch on Hawaii would be an act of war.

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