BREAKING: On His First Day In Office General Mattis Brings DEVASTATING News For ISIS

America is finally fighting against the evil forces of ISIS! While the liberal protesters preached islamism and sent support to the fighters of ISIS, General Mattis at his first day at the office launched 31 successful airstrike against ISIS in Iraq. Donald Trump was pretty serious when he said that he is going to wipe the terrorists from the face of Earth. Abu Bakhr Al’Baghdadi, the close buddy of John McCain and Hillary Clinton, seems to be wounded and the military experts predict that very soon he may be captured. The so called ,,caliph” of the Islamic State lost the America support. At the moment, ISIS terrorists are in total panic- their closest allies abandoned them and now they are going to be destroyed! For more details-read the article below:

ISIS leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, has been wounded and possibly captured following a series of airstrikes according to reports from Iraq.

President Donald Trump devised a solid plan with top generals to completely eradicate ISIS was one of Trump’s key promises before he took office. According to reports, the implemented plan had instant success.

According to YNW: Secretary of Defense James Mattis spent his first full day at the Pentagon by overseeing 31 strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. A variety of fighters, bombers and remotely piloted aircraft engaged in the bombing run, which saw 25 strikes in Syria and six in Iraq.

In Syria, two strikes destroyed ISIL units and artillery near the town of Bab. Daesh forces in Raqqa, the terrorist group’s stronghold, took a heavy beating, as 22 strikes destroyed 12 tactical units, nine fighting positions, two underground improvised explosive bomb factories and an ISIS headquarters. The final strike targeted two IS oil wells in Deir ez Zour.

The account was backed up by the Iraq Oil Report, a respected source that gathers daily updates on security developments inside Mosul and surrounding ISIS-held areas from a network of local reporters, residents and fighters.


“Increased coalition air activity spotted around Ba’aj fuels rumors of IS “Caliph” being surrounded“.

As the dust settles on the fiercest bombardment ISIS have ever received, the word on the street in Iraq is that the new US administration have done what Obama could not, or would not, do – take out ISIS mastermind Al-Baghdadi. READ MORE

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This news made my day, I am feeling so happy and I can bet you’re all happy too, dear patriots. This is the real deal now, this is how you put in place these sick executors and demons in human form. God bless America! God bless General James Mattis and our great leader Donald Trump!