BREAKING: The Paris Climate Accord Fraud Just Exposed – Trump Was Right [Video]

The Paris agreement is one of the worst deals ever made by Barack Obama. Actually, Barack Obama is famous for his awful deals with foreign countries. Let’s take the Iran Deal for example. Such waste… However, Donald Trump has a different approach and he wants to protect ONLY the American national interests. Look how DM Columnist defended President Trump on Paris Climate Accord- this is awesome:

Daily Mail Columnist Katie Hopkins has called the Paris Accord a complete fraud in which the Democrats signed away billions of American taxpayer reported: global columnist Katie Hopkins called the Paris climate deal an “absolute fraud,” and said President Trump has shown “true leadership” by ditching it.


“All the United States is doing with the Paris accord is signing away billions of dollars to developing countries that create most of the emissions,” Hopkins told host Abby Huntsman.

The president pulled the United States out of the Paris climate accord on Thursday, saying it was a bad deal for the country and would hurt American workers.

The agreement, signed by former President Obama and almost 200 other countries in 2015, committed the United States to reducing carbon emissions 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by the year 2025. Meanwhile China and developing countries receive billions of dollars from the United States but are under no immediate obligation to cut emissions.

Hopkins related that back when she worked in the United Kingdom meteorological office she observed scientists “scare-mongering” and “using data in interesting ways to make the problem seem worse.”

They were “virtually on their knees begging for grants,” she recalled.

People should stop “dressing as polar bears” and start backing Trump, Hopkins concluded.

H/T Red State Watcher

God bless Donald Trump. He is not a selfish man. He is a great patriot. I think that we really have to focus on our own issues. Merkel and the others don’t even pay their duties in NATO. Those people are not reliable, and this whole global warming talk is a pure lie. Share this post if you agree!