BREAKING: President Trump Goes After RINO John McCain


Donald Trump finally breaks the silence. John McCain did something terrible not to Donald Trump only, but to his own state and the entire nation. He sabotaged the Obamacare repeal for the third time. As most of the titles these days say- he betrayed his own party. But the objective question is: Was John McCain ever a true Republican? He is not real. However, he is one of the most successful leeches on Capitol Hill judging by what he already did for his voters and for America.

On the other hand, he did excellent jobs for the globalists and his well know donor George Soros. After he blocked the Obamacare Repeal bill the last time, the patriots hate him even more. He represents betrayal. His thumbs down are the symbol of the modern American betrayal.

Donald Trump in one epic tweet today explains why. Most of you, dear readers, ask why the people from Arizona still vote John McCain. Probably because of the lobby and the elites who guard his back. BUT AFTER TRUMP’S TWEET AND THE HUGE BETRAYAL OF ALL ARIZONANS, MC CAIN CAN SAY ‘GOODBYE’ TO HIS SUPPORT IN HIS HOME STATE:



And where’s the mainstream media now? Trump was right once again. He predicted this and it’s happening.

The people of Arizona should think about who are they voting for next time. Obviously, nobody is happy if Congress keeps on rejecting every single bill, there is no solution.

Obamacare was not a good program. That’s true. Maybe Barack Obama really wanted to bring a good change with his program, but it didn’t work. So, let them forget about ego, all of the Senators and Representatives and finally find a good solution for a better healthcare for all citizens.