BREAKING: President Trump Just RUINED Chuck Schummer’s Career With 1 EPIC Sentence


Liberals have been desperately digging for information and facts they can use against President Donald Trump, his family, and his administration, all with the goal of undermining him and ultimately impeaching him. But it seems that even the president has his lines that he doesn’t want to be crossed, as this Monday afternoon, he took it to twitter to call out Chuck Schumer after a year of investigation with zero evidence found.

The sharp criticism launched by Trump on Twitter comes after Schumer allegedly stated that “Democrats should blame ourselves, not Russia,” regarding all of the mass hysteria and accusations of Russian meddling with the 2016 presidential elections. After investigating both Russia and in the process throwing dirt on the president accusing him of collaborating with the Russians to twist the outcome of the elections, it seems that the Dems have finally realized that the problem is in their policy and strategy, and not with Russia.

But Trump is not the only one that was affected by these allegations and investigations, as the American people were too, constantly hearing critics from the mainstream media ranting against the POTUS, only to find out that the whole buzz was for nothing, which makes it pretty understandable that Trump would take a shot after they pretty much made his first months in office extremely hard.