BREAKING: Puerto Ricans Just Confirmed- San Juan Mayor Is Obstructing Relief Efforts


This is unheard of. The extent to which political corruption goes seems to exceed the basic compassion of certain Puerto Ricans for their fellow countrymen. As it turns out, the twisted minds of a handful of persons decided that helping the hurricane survivors get the most basic necessities lacks relevance compared to the political points that can be gained by manipulating this situation. And the wait of that manipulation is put solely on the backs of the most vulnerable- the ones who lost their homes and families to the devastating hurricanes.

This video features a police officer from Guaynabo, a suburb of San Juan, claiming San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz is purposely not allowing supplies to be delivered.




N/F redstatewatcher

Peoples’ lives are at stake and any kind of abuse of the catastrophe for political purposes should be condemned. Let alone the deliberate infliction of suffering upon innocent people in need, for the purpose of undermining a political opponent.

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