BREAKING! Reporter Uncovers ‘Soros Plot’ to Destabilize U.S. Under Trump! PLEASE READ THIS!


We all know that one of the biggest supporters and lobby activist for Hilary Clinton and the Clinton mafia at all is George Soros. We heard so many accusations on his name, we know that Putin has warrant and bounty on his head etc. This guy, George Soros, is the son of the devil. He is obeying servant of the Big Eye, pilgrim of the Illuminati and the Khazarian proxy-jewish Rothschield empire. He is ,,jewish” too and he is one of the closest friend of David Rockfeller and cooperator of the biggest corporations in the world.Serving the Illuminati made Soros so powerful that he helped Hilary control the entire mainstream media and boosted her campaign with millions of dollars. This guy is responsible for the massive immigrant wave that splashed Europe and threats with even bigger destruction of our native continent beyond repair. Now, there are terrible news-he has plan to do the same thing on the USA soil. Watch this video:

George Soros works in a very find-drawn way. His system is build of unbreakable chain of foundations that have very happy and peace loving, hippie names. This liberal organisations are founded by the biggest banks and corporations in the world. Now their ideology and philosophy prosper in many USA cities and regions, they make young people dumb and they wash their brains with some neo-liberal dogmas. This resulted with great protest and rage on the streets. Now the destruction is going to be much worse for our nation. Under the flag of peace and humanity Soros is going to bring hundreds of thousands of muslims in the USA. Here’s just a sampling of some of the American cities and counties which have already accepted both the Soros’ funds and the mandae which comes along with the money: Akron and Summit County, Ohio; Anchorage, Alaska; Birmingham, Alabama; Brownsville, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; Fargo, North Dakota; Houston, Indianapolis; Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Macomb County, Michigan; Nashville, Tennessee; and the state of Arizona as a whole.

This is going to be real hell. Let us hope god is going to protect us and help us fight this evil. We will not accept any jihadist in our yards!