BREAKING: Republicans Stab Trump In the Back! Look What Just Happened…


Reince Priebus and tons of other GOP members have condemned Trump on Friday after the smear campaign released by Washington Post against Trump. The Washington Post released its October Surprise on Friday on Donald Trump talking about p*ssy with Billy Bush in 2005.

Is this really news? Is this the best attack that Hillary Clinton has?

Hahahaha. Wow. It’s just three grown men talking about sex. Yes. It is crude, but go into any locker room and you will hear the same thing.

Now, Republicans are using this chance to jump ship. Priebus was going to appear beside Trump and Paul Ryan at a fundraiser in Wisconsin on Saturday. The campaign has since pulled out and the two Republicans have pulled out of the rally.

Then comes the train of losers that still hang on at the Republican party.



Here’s the thing. It’s one thing to talk explicitly with your friends about women. It’s not appropriate but it is how most men talk. Sorry ladies!

We need to stand with Trump. They are going to try and attack Trump during the debate.

If you are still with Trump, then comment ‘I’M STILL WITH TRUMP!’ below.

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For any liberals that argue that Trump is unfit based on his comments, just show them this.

Bill Clinton is a rapist. There is no excuse for that. (h/t Huffington Post)

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