BREAKING: Rex Tillerson Just ROCKED United Nations With SHOCKING Move No One Expected

The cruelty of the UN against the USA has to stop. Our country spent billions of dollars for the UN and helped whenever and wherever it was needed, even American soldiers died fighting for the greater purpose of the UN Organization.

However, the UN turned the back on the USA as they continuously attack Israel and their anti- Israel, pro terrorist campaign is treacherous and unexpected. Obama, of course, joined forces with his global elitist buddies and “spilled” on Israel at front of the whole world.

Those days are past. Now we have a strong people leading our country. You will enjoy the columns below- Rex Tillerson shows who’s the BOSS!

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has told the United Nations’ Human Rights Council that it needs to make changes if it wants continued American support.

His demand comes after a high-ranking Israeli official urged the U.S. to withdraw from the organization.

“The Human Rights Council deals with demonizing Israel and with efforts to harm it by distorting reality,” Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman told Tillerson last week.

In a letter to several groups that have been urging the United States to remain active in the council, Tillerson told the U.N. advocates and human rights groups that the U.S. “continues to evaluate the effectiveness” of the council.

Foreign Policy reported that the U.S. expressed skepticism about a group with nation members such as China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, all with poor human rights records.

“We may not share a common view on this, given the makeup of the membership,” Tillerson wrote.

He continued, “While it may be the only such organization devoted to human rights, the Human Rights Council requires considerable reform in order for us to continue to participate.”

Tillerson wrote in the letter that the U.S. would keep participating in the council even as they “reiterate our strong principled objection to the Human Rights Council’s biased agenda against Israel.

The administration of former President George W. Bush cited the council’s anti-Israel bias as its reason for not joining in 2006 when the council was formed. The Obama administration changed course in 2009 and joined the council.

Last week, Erin Barclay, who has been America’s envoy to the council said the group focuses its attacks on Israel.

H/T Western Journalism

This is how our diplomats should represent our country. Rex Tillerson has done a great job. Now, we can expect the liberal loudmouths to start with their pro-islamic, pro-liberal campaign against Tillerson. However, he defended the American interests and that’s what only matters here.