BREAKING: Roseanne Barr RISES UP Against Trump Hating Libs To Reveal THIS


The liberals know nothing except hatred. That’s in their bone. Probably, those people and their behavior of a loser who doesn’t want to accept the defeat, pushed our country into an abysmal situation. The liberal hordes containing ,,professional protesters” and frustrated hipsters, live in a delusion. They think they make ,,revolution”- but it’s quite the other way- Trump makes total renaissance of the USA. Roseanne Bar has a nice and uniqe view on the situation- read more below:

Roseanne Barr’s epic tweet about President Donald Trump – and those who hate him, just went viral. It’s a flawless and classically blunt correction aimed at putting anti-Trump Liberals firmly in their place.The comedian was absolutely right. President Trump is the resistance, and We the People who had the good sense to vote for him are the rank and file of the patriotic army determined to fix this country.Professional protesters and Liberals, who think being a community organizer is a valid career choice, are not the resistance. They are merely loud whiners who have zero respect for the Constitution of the United States!


The general of the whiners, Michael Moore, is rallying his rhyme chanting protester and millennial snowflake pals to keep their futile behavior going. We are about to watch the normalization of  the behavior of these petulant children before our very eyes.“A few minutes ago, I launched RESISTANCE CALENDAR! A one-stop site for all anti-Trump actions EVERY DAY nationwide” – Michael Moore tweeted.

Liberal celebrities are apparently still delusional and think their opinions matter and influence others. You would think the results of the 2016 presidential election would have cured them of that notion by now.

Michael Moore’s so-called resistance calendar includes a host of anti-Trump happenings. “Not My President’s Day” protests are underway today. (via Resistance Calendar)

Don’t Liberals have jobs to go to? They sure seem to have all kinds of time to spend gathering together to whine and shout hate-filled slogans.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, the faux resistance whiners are doing, or are going to do, will take down President Trump. We the People laugh at them, if we pay any attention to their antics at all.

Moore and some of his Liberal Hollywood celeb pals: Robert DeNiro, Alex Baldwin, Mark Ruffalo, and even NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, banded together recently to protest in front of Trump Tower. No one really noticed or cared.

The Liberal resistance is even going after “spineless” Democrats, according to Michael Moore. His online anti-Trump calendar promotional posts said if they do not block Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation, “true progressives” will challenge them in their primary races. That didn’t work out so well for Bernie Sanders, now did it?

Moore can spend as much time as he wants trying to “energize” the anti-Trump contingent of society, but one fact will remain the same for at least the next four years… Donald Trump is OUR president!

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

The spirit of our nation is UNBREAKABLE! The liberals can not change the history. They are not powerful anymore, and YES, America is in a period of renaissance and total revival in every segment in our society. That’s how we are going to make America great again! WITH CHANGES!