BREAKING: San Juan Mayor Under Investigation!


IT’S HAPPENING! US Attorney in Puerto Rico announced the beginning of an investigation against the officials who prevented the citizens of having what belongs to them, but using the situation for opening a political struggle and for scoring political points against the White House. However, the Attorney in San Juan begins her journey to justice and the main suspect is San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.



Over the past couple of weeks, President Trump has taken a beating in the mainstream media for, among other things, suggesting that the mayor of San Juan had politicized federal disaster relief efforts in response to Hurricane Maria and that it was, in fact, local mayors and residents who were failing to help the recovery effort and not the federal government. Here are just a couple of the tweets as a refresher on the topic:And while CNN was all too happy to run with a new narrative essentially accusing the White House of racism for it’s ‘poor’ response in Puerto Rico, a new report from Metro this morning could prove the President was right all along and that it was local mayors hindering disaster recovery efforts on the Caribbean island and not a lack of federal support.

As Metro reports, the U.S. Attorney in San Juan is now opening an investigation into whether or not local mayors around Puerto Rico have been withholding supplies from residents and/or only delivering them to “constituents who had voted for them.”

“This morning we received information from a town on the Island where a person close to the municipal administration was asking one of our federal agents that the supplies that were there could not be touched because they were for his mayor,” said Rodríguez, who then indicated that the case is already being investigated.

He added that he also received confidences from another islander whose official was also keeping supplies for “constituents who had voted for that person.”

“This is not the time to do politics … this is the time to help and to be kind to others. This is a tragedy and nobody should take advantage of the aid,” said Rodriguez, adding that if they manage to prove the indications, the accusations will arrive” no matter which party, or whoever. “


These are very serious charges and now we need to see the outcome of the investigation. Democrats wanted to see Trump’s ratings destroyed after the Hurricane season, but it happened the opposite. Trump surpassed all of the obstacles and he showed that he is a capable leader always ready to help his people. Please spread the good news.