BREAKING: Scaramucci Just Gave The Entire White House An ULTIMATUM


The so called leakers who work in Washington Post, New York Times or CNN, using their imagination instead of facts, are now facing a real threat. Their sources who are the inspiration for all of those fake news are about to face the storm

Mr. Scaramucci, the new pearl in the White House already showed what is the “essence” of his work.

The talented Wall Streer beast now entered the White House. There, he started with the best possible lines. The leaks in the White House have to stop or EVERYBODY gets fired.


The leaks have to stop, or something AWFUL is going to happen.


What do you think about this, dear patriots? Is this reform coming little late, or this is the right moment to bring a rigid person to end the fraudulent leaks from the White House and stop the mainstream media TERROR.