Breaking: Sean Hannity May Sue Fox News For…


Sean Hannity has been getting into some trouble at Fox News lately and it is starting to get worse. If he is not careful, he could see the same fate as Bill O’Reilly.

But now a fellow conservative has stepped in and come to Sean Hannity’s side. Mark Levin, the conservative radio host, has come out with his 2 cents on the matter.

“If I were Sean Hannity … I would give very serious consideration to suing Media Matters, its board, and its officers, as well as any other entity involved in the organized effort to boycott his TV show, including media outlets contacting his advertisers in a thinly veiled boycott tactic, for the purposeful tortious interference with his employment contract with Fox News and his business relationships with his various advertisers,” Levin said Thursday.

This would be some iffy ground but could do the job. And as it turns out, this could turn into another lawsuit for Fox News if they are not careful. If they were to fire Hannity, Sean would by all means sue them.

But Hannity did make it clear to his viewers…

“As for my job here at the Fox News Channel — there is an effort now abound to silence me,” Hannity explained. “That is what we have called on this program as liberal fascism. Attack, boycott, all in an effort to silence conservatives. I serve at the pleasure of the Fox News Channel. I’m here to do my job every night.”

“I promise you, I am not going to stop doing my job. To the extent of my ability, I am not going to stop trying to find the truth. That’s what we do here every single day. That effort is not stopping in any way, shape, matter or form. I am continuing the work that I promise to do every day for you and at the proper time, we shall continue and talk a lot more,” Hannity went on.

Let’s hope so.