BREAKING: Sessions Put THE FEAR OF GOD Into Every Sanct City Mayor With One HUGE PROMISE

Jeff Sessions- a man who has standards and dignity. Jeff Sessions is one of the CRUCIAL components of Trump’s winning team. He promised that he is going to destroy the sanctuary cities. GUESS WHAT? It is going to happen- HE MADE HIS ANNOUNCEMENT:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions sat down with Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News and discussed how the Trump administration planned to deal with sanctuary cities that want to fight the federal government to prevent detention of illegal immigrants, and those plans were something liberals will not want to hear.

“We’re going to put pressure on these cities,” Sessions said Saturday on “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

“We’re going to battle them every step of the way,” he added.

Sessions reiterated that he would withhold grant money from sanctuary cities that ignore federal immigration laws and said mayors of sanctuary cities needed to listen to their constituents, because residents don’t want criminal illegal immigrants to remain in their cities.

“Why would any city want to say, ‘No, you can’t remove these people’?” Sessions asked. “It makes no sense.”

The attorney general also said that the administration would go after gang members in the country illegally, adding that they would be deported after they were arrested and served their time.

“If they commit a crime, the law says they ‘shall be’ deported, not ‘may be,’” he said. “We need to restore lawfulness.”

“We need to tell the people, ‘Don’t come illegally, if you want to come wait your turn,’ and when people start doing that we’ll see a great improvement. And if somebody commits a crime, while they’re here legally or illegally, before permanent residence, then they can and should be deported,” he added.

Sessions also pointed out that President Donald Trump’s tough stance on illegals has already reaped benefits, noting that March had the lowest number of illegal aliens attempting to enter the country in 17 years.

“This border is not open. If you come to America, come lawfully,” Sessions said.

H/T Conservative Tribune

Come on, come on, come on! GO JEFF SESSIONS! Oh, I am anxious to see what is going to happen. We had series of articles about the notorious South American gangs in the USA, many other illegal aliens that steal your job and make a bad name for themselves and their neighborhoods.