BREAKING: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Makes HEARTBREAKING Announcement – Patriots In SHOCK


The people who work in the law enforcement sectors are simply having a tough life. They are always on the edge of life and death- justice or treason. To be a sheriff it’s even a bigger responsibility. You have to protect your country and fight for the rights, security and stability of your people and motherland.

Many heroes even lost their lives to the ruthless criminals and terrorists all around the country. These people protect us from any kind of corruption and wrongdoing in every segment of our society, they enforce the law. Joe Arpaio is a pure example of that.

After spending a lifetime as a Sheriff that means that you are really dedicated to your country and your people. You work for the greater purpose and you never give in. You know that America is our brightest pearl and we need to save it and protect it. Joe Arpaio finished his mission well. Now, he is going to retire.

“On my tombstone, I don’t know: Maybe it should be, ‘He did it his way,’” Arpaio said. “That song … ‘travel each and every highway,’ ‘I took the blows,’ I think that song kind of matches me,” via AZ Central.

This sheriff is turning in his badge after years of breaking down walls and refusing to give up on anything he set his mind to. There will never be a sheriff quite like him.

He has dealt with multi-million dollar lawsuits due to jail deaths, political prosecutions, and racial profiling that has led to criminal contempt-of-court rulings. However, throughout the many scandals, he was a man who got things done.

He enforced the law, deported illegal immigrants, and made criminals do their time in jail, adding salt in the wound by making them wear pink underwear in the infamous Tent City that preached harsh penal punishments, as per the Washington Examiner.

Arpaio was known as America’s toughest sheriff, and it’s not hard to wonder why. He has been in law enforcement for 55 years and has developed quite the reputation to match that much time. He’s the bulldog of sheriffs.

Now, he is looking for something new because as he views it, “If you stop working, you die,” but, according to Arpaio, he has a lot of projects in mind, and he’s not going away just yet. A great place for him could be a seat in Trump’s administration, but so far it hasn’t been formed.

Arpaio is not afraid of facing the consequences of his actions, and he has been sued multiple times. To me, however, if a prisoner doesn’t like the food or pink underwear while they’re in jail… then don’t go to jail. It’s as simple as that.

Sheriff Arpaio will be missed, and hopefully he won’t be replaced with a more progressive sheriff who will lessen the rules and make prison the equivalent of a spa getaway like some jails are nowadays. Since when does committing a crime get you a nice place to stay?

According to Arpaio, being the sheriff for around 55 years was the best job he ever had. Presidents and governors are still addressed by their titles even when they are no longer in the office, and he thinks this should also apply to him.

“I’m still the sheriff,” Arpaio stated.

H/T Angry Patriot

You will spend a nice time now, free and retired. Many people that work in our agencies, police or military officers, they are always completely dedicated to their job and their country. Now, as he reached his retirement, Joe Arpaio could take a brake and enjoy in whats left of life for him.