BREAKING: What The Supreme Court Is About To Do With Trump’s Travel Ban Will Shake The Nation

The Supreme Court will finally start working for the good of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Donald Trump and his brave patriots succeeded to bring some important reforms in our judiciary system and the changes are already visible. The corrupted liberal elites sabotaged President Trump’s effort to protect our country from illegal Muslim immigrants. However, the Supreme Court may bring some really, really good news very soon. Read more below:

President Trump’s repeated attempts to make America safe again are headed to the Supreme Court of the United States.


A couple of lower Federal Courts have blocked Mr. Trump’s attempts to keep us safe from terrorists, even using the rationale, in part, that he said something about limiting Muslim entry, back during the election. Unfair!President Trump is pleading with the SCOTUS to help him help keep America safe. And he’s asking it to do so on an emergency basis. If the High Court decides the emergency petition in Trump’s favor, he would be allowed to implement his travel ban, even while litigation on the ban continues.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic, Patriots? I mean, that’s why America voted him in as POTUS, right? It’s a very dangerous world out there, in very large part because of terrorists. And who are the liberals trying to kid?? The terrorists come from highly Muslim countries. The terrorists’ religious beliefs are what THEY say is the reason their kill and maim innocent lives.Yes, not all Muslims are terrorists. We GET that! But, the converse IS true: most terrorists are Muslims. And we have to do something to make sure the terrorists can not gain entry to American soil. Hell, even Bill Mahar has said similar. If you don’t believe me, watch this:

This makes me really happy. I want to know that I have responsible President to take care of my country, my family and myself. Donald Trump is a patriot and he listens to the people. He doesn’t underestimate them, he doesn’t find compromises like his predecessor, HE OFFERS HELP and SOLUTION. That’s the President we all imagined to be in the Office. Share this post if you agree!