Attempt for a horrible terrorist attack on American soil was prevented by the security forces. This is an alert that something is going wrong in our country, as ISIS wants to take revenge on Donald Trump. Who’s behind this and possible more attempts or attacks in America committed by ISIS members- read more below:

Ever since Donald Trump signed his temporary travel ban, the mainstream media has been trying to make it look like Muslims pose no threat to the U.S. What just happened this week, however, reminds us that we are still very much in danger of being attacked by radical Islamists.

Last Friday, a man was arrested in Kansas City, Missouri for planning an ISIS terrorist attack for President’s Day that was meant to target buses, trains and a train station. Robert Lorenzo Hester Jr., 25, has since been charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

This comes after the FBI investigated Hester for months and found that he often expressed his willingness to assist in what he believed was an Islamic State plan to cause mass casualties in an attack on U.S. soil. Undercover FBI agents reportedly posed as ISIS operatives and met with Hester multiple times. He bought items for them that he believed they would use to create bombs, even purchasing nails to put in the explosives to increase the number of casualties.

He was finally arrested on Friday after one last meeting with an undercover FBI agent that he believed was with ISIS.

Thinking that the terror attack would take place on President’s Day, Hester had predicted that Monday was “going to be a good day for Muslims worldwide” and that it felt “good to help strike back at the true terrorist.”

“First on social media, then during face-to-face meetings with an undercover FBI employee, this defendant repeatedly expressed his intent to engage in acts of violent jihad against the United States,” U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri Tammy Dickinson said in a written statement. “He believed he was part of an ISIS-sponsored terrorist attack that would result in the deaths and injuries of many innocent victims.”

Hester is an American citizen who joined the Army back in 2012 and completed basic combat training. However, he was given a general discharge in 2013 after he was cited for violating numerous Army regulations during advanced training.

A spokeswoman for the Army explained that general discharges are typically for “service members whose service is satisfactory, but involved situations where the soldier’s conduct and/or performance of duty were not so meritorious to warrant an honorable discharge.”

“Recipients of general discharges usually have engaged in minor misconduct or have received nonjudicial punishment under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice,” the spokeswoman said.

Hester remains in custody at this time, and U.S. prosecutors filed notice on Tuesday that they oppose bond for him.

“The United States submits that there is clear and convincing evidence that there are no conditions which the court could place on the defendant’s release which would reasonably assure the defendant’s appearance in court and the safety of the community,” prosecutors stated.

H/T Truth Monitor

Donald Trump and his team have to work more seriously in finding a way to enforce the laws that the nation voted for. The global elitists and their liberal puppets are not stronger than the American people. We have to protect our homes, our families and our country. We need a man who knows the importance of these 3 things and the threat that is coming from the Middle East, Africa and Asia.