Breaking: Tillerson Replacement Revealed


The raising impatience between President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a thing that both of the state officials deny, yet is ever present in the daily politics. This makes the signing of Tillerson’s resignation letter that more uncertain.

With Tillerson still acting as a Secretary of State and aside from his official claims that he does not intend to resign the position, people are already speculating who will replace him.

We’ve heard a lot about the raising tension between President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Both President Trump and Tillerson denied such claims, and it’s definitely uncertain whether the latter will sign his resignation letter. But, people are already talking about his replacement.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo is a top choice when it comes to picking a replacement for Tillerson. The information is not confirmed yet, but there are too many people talking about it. This only adds more fuel to the fire, and some believe that the Secretary of State will soon leave the White House. Remember how he was removed from the Air Force One? President Trump was heading to Las Vegas, and there was no room for Tillerson.

The situation got worse this summer, and the Secretary of State reportedly considered signing his resignation letter. It’s all about his disapproval of the President’s ideas. This was the story we heard from NBC and other liberal outlets.

We also heard that the Secretary of State called the President a “moron” on July 20. Although he denied it, people are already raging about his future in the White House.

Tillerson himself said that he has never considered leaving his position at the White House, but the speculations are huge.

President Trump and Pompeo have a nice relationship, and this transition will be easier than a joke. Pompeo has a bunch of great qualifications. He has already taken a post at the tale in the White House Situation Room. What does this mean? Maybe this is just a rumor, and maybe Tillerson will soon be replaced. We can’t do anything but wait for more details. This will be massive replacement, and we can only guess the next to go…

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We can only hope that the next choice for the state’s secretary will be done carefully, as the last thing we need is more politicians trying to abrupt the realization of the American cause by sabotaging it from the inside.

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