BREAKING: Tim Tebow Came Forward With SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT – Nobody Saw This Coming


Tim Tebow is just a good guy. He never complains, uses his celebrity for the good of all, not the good of him and loves God.

So of course, the liberal media hates him. He is everything they are not. They will hate this new Tim Tebow story because it again shows how much of a stand-up guy Tebow is. And that he is succeeding.

The liberals loved to bash him when his NFL career ended and laughed when he announced that he would try to play baseball.

Looks who’s laughing now Michael Moore!

A mere five games into his minor-league baseball career, Tim Tebow’s new coach can’t stop saying good things about the 29-year-old rookie.

That news was stunning and unsurprising at the same time. Tebow hasn’t played competitive baseball since his childhood so for this to happen he must be a real leader.

It’s not surprising knowing the type of leader and hard worker that Tebow has always been. The Fireflies manager is ecstatic to have him around.

“He’s the leader on the team already,” Columbia Fireflies manager Jose Leger told TMZ Sports.

“Well, it’s great to have a guy like him,” said Leger. “He’s a very humble guy … hard worker. He outworks anybody that we have out here.”

Tebow already has 2 home runs and 5 RBIs in 20 at-bats with the team.  His manager Leger says he’s got the power to make it in the pros which will send liberals into a fit.

There is nothing they like worse than a successful Christian conservative.

H/T: WNPJournal