BREAKING: Top FBI Agent Just Outted Hillary For the WORST CRIME EVER!

America already knows about Hillary’s criminal hobbies, but this wasn’t something we expected. She did the worst crime ever, and she is practically exposed. The best part probably is the fact that this was confirmed by a FBI agent.

Hillary is stuck in the biggest bribing scandal ever. Her emails play a major role, too. But, that was something we expected her to do. Hillary could never get this far without her dirty tricks.

Via Liberty Writers News

Hillary Clinton was just proven beyond any doubt to have been directly involved with the bribing and promoting of a top FBI agent during her own email trial.

Let me break this down for you:

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, one of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s most consistent backers, donated nearly $500,000 to the Virginia state Senate campaign of a candidate (Dr. Jill McCabe) who is married to the FBI’s deputy director. –Daily Mail

McCabe’s husband, Andrew McCabe, was the associate deputy of the FBI’s Washington field office, which was tasked with investigating Hillary’s emails.

This is where it gets really interesting. Sometime between the donation being made and the beginning of Clinton’s email investigation, McCabe was promoted to the Deputy Director of that office, giving him full control of the Clinton investigation.

McCabe then declared that Hillary Clinton had done nothing wrong and Bill Clinton didn’t commit a crime by meeting with Loretta Lynch because Bill was not officially under investigation.

Sounds a bit suspicious, doesn’t it? Luckily McCabe was too stupid to cover his own tracks, and accidentally helped out Hillary’s crimes!

Share this and let every single American know about the stuff Hillary did. Let the world know about the way she works. America really doesn’t need her, cause she’s too much trouble.


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