Breaking: Top Ranked General Appointed by Barack Obama Just Commited Treason


ANOTHER ISIS CREATOR CAUGHT IN THE ESTABLISHMENT! The globalists engaged deep in Pentagon. Even the most respected and valuable institution among the people was not able to resist or prevent the tentacles of the globalists’ machinery.

It seems that John McCain had accomplices in his “FREEDOM FIGHTERS” helping missions. Read more below:

This is disturbing! General Walter Sherman-White, who was appointed by Obama as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during both terms, is discovered to be a traitor and a spy. Namely, he has strong bonds with ISIS and al Qaeda.

Thanks to his carelessness, his tactics were uncovered after he left for a conference of retired military commanders in Versailles. The General forgot he left his encrypted email open and accessible. When his assistant went to turn off his desktop, he saw the shocking emails containing keywords like “infidels” and “jihad.” Since she didn’t know whether the emails were some kind of threat and wasn’t able to contact the general, she followed proper military protocol and sent the matter to the Pentagon.

That’s when Walter Sherman-Smith revealed his true face. Walter Sherman-Smith is a Muslim and a traitor.

Nevertheless, the question is, how much did Obama know?

We hope that having people like Gowdy will return the safety of this country. Even though  Obama left this country in a huge mess, we have a great president and amazing people around him who will make America great again!

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Obama corrupted this country beyond imaginable. We have to think about what we did when we voted this man to be the president. It was, probably, the biggest mistake made ever.

However, we still have time to fix the mistakes from the past. Donald Trump, DRAIN THE SWAMP!

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