BREAKING: Trump And Ted Cruz Just Announced BRILLIANT Plan To STOP Obama And The UN


The hardest battle in the modern American history begins now ! The mighty globalists with their ultimate power – the liberal puppets want to destroy our country. Their previous administration caused huge damage to our reputation as a country, but we have also been broke both economically and financially. Donald Trump is the man of the people, together with Ted Cruz, he is the chosen to lead the patriots and strike the NWO.

Various accusations are popping up every day from the bribed mainstream media brainwashing factories. First, the right wing conservative Russian President Vladimir Putin because he fought the terrorist and hates Hillary and Obama. We need to make allies with the Russian Federation and secure better future for the Christian people, because we can be destroyed by the muslim terrorism which spreads across the world with the speed of light. We have to defend our nation and our children.

Donald Trump is not alone in his crusade to save humanity. Look how Ted Cruz destroys the liberal puppets in his awesome statement:



Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are both against the resolution that our current government failed to veto. Ted Cruz has announced that he will stand against funding the United Nations until the resolution is reversed! >

This resolution disallows Israel from claiming certain Jewish settlements as their legal territory. Previously, in 2011, Barack Obama and his UN delegate had vetoed a similar resolution. (via Breitbart)

But not this time. The out-going President must be fully aware that Donald Trump intends to keep faith with our Israeli allies and take the traditional foreign policy stance that the United Nations had no place dictating to Israel how to garner an agreement in the area.

In the Security Council, one veto is enough to kill the resolution, meaning that we could have stopped his anti-Israel move single-handedly. Nonetheless, UN Ambassador Samantha Power failed to veto the resolution.

On the issue, Cruz said, “Never has there been a more anti-Israel Administration, and today’s United Nations vote is the culmination of their systemic agenda to weaken Israel and strengthen its enemies.”

No doubt Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is looking forward to working with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, both who plan to hold the United Nations accountable for any actions they take against Israel’s sovereignty– or ours for that matter.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

We had wonderful relations with this country. This is impossible. The globalist servants destroyed our relations with many of our allies from the past. We took part in creating proxy-wars and proxy-states. We wasted billions of dollars in useless wars, in the role of ,,world police”, with no benefit for the american people. That is sick! We wont begin third world war just to make some sick people happy and rich. We are the real patriots and we will stick to our values!