BREAKING: Trump FINALLY Announced Who Will Perform at His Inauguration – This Will Be CRAZY! Right?

The evil, poisonous snakes from the mainstream media brainwashing factories never rest. They are so cynical and idiotic that it is hardly imaginable These people perform speech of hate against our elect-president just because they are liberal puppets so they expect every american to be like them. NO! We are proud patriots and we will not back off! We will defend our country, we don’t need you!

Since the liberal entertainment industry is blatantly against Donald Trump, the president-elect has had lots of trouble convincing celebrities to perform at his inauguration.

Loudmouth liberal celebrity Alec Baldwin, known for his subpar impression of Trump on Saturday Night Live couldn’t resist trying to have some fun with this by offering to perform at the inauguration himself.


Baldwin should really be thanking Trump for making him relevant again. Before his impressions of Trump went viral, Baldwin was simply a has-been. Enjoy what’s left of your 15 minutes of fame, Alec, because Trump is here to stay, and there’s nothing you can do about it!

H/T MRC Blog

The United States of America have to defend the constitution and our traditions and way of life. We are not going to be liberal puppets. We will stand our ground and fight! Donald Trump-you have the support of the people of the USA. We are here to defend our vote! Liberals-GO TO HELL!