BREAKING: ‘Trump IMPALED’ Sick Ad Found In University, Officials Silent!


THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! THIS IS THE HEAVY ROCK BOTTOM! Before only 2 days we reported that you, dear patriots, using your social media succeeded to get nasty communist teacher FIRED. That teacher punished students for being Trump supporters. And we’ve been all thinking that this is the worst level of corruption in the American education system, but we were so WRONG! In this story below you will see why.

The communist/globalist cohorts completely corrupted the education system. That was their imperative. After the judiciary system, the education system was their top priority.

Take a closer look, please. They use the celebrities, they use Hollywood, they use the media- all in order to brainwash our innocent children and recruit them in their sick Antifa savaging legions.

After they were crushed in 2016 Elections, they lost their minds completely. Since they created the Federal Reserve, the globalists worked for a century to enslave America. Barack Obama even raised the national debt to an unseen level in their favor, they got 90% of the media and corporations etc. BUT THEY STILL LOST!

Now, we give you the perfect example HOW FAR THEY CAN GO in their madness:


This is COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, for Christ’s sake! People pay a real fortune to send their kids here, in this snake pit. What for?!

It’s our duty to spread this everywhere and demand RESPONSIBILITY taken from the authorities of the College. This advert is already spread, and someone needed to stop it.

We know how transparent the leftists are. It is simply unimaginable for this to be a separate, isolated case. The SECRET SERVICE must act quickly to prevent things like this to happen again.

Is this the education that we all invest in with paying taxes? Do we have good personnel employed in universities?