BREAKING: Trump Just Saved The US Air Force – Here’s How


It seems that ISIS are doomed! This is a great day, people! Our President Donald Trump is going to make a radical change in the US Air Force. He is going to increase the budget for our entire military and reduce the cost of sever programs. The world may expect a huge offensive against any radical-islamic structure in alliance with the second strongest army in the world- Russian. This great key position may change EVERYTHING. While Liberals created ISIS and many other terrorist structures, the real patriots decided to fight against the ultimate evil. We see what happens around the world every single day… Murders, attacks, violence, torture… Europe is falling down. We need to settle this with the servants of the Devil!

Remember how under Bush and Obama, America got ROYALLY screwed when the Air Force paid over $1 Trillion dollars for a handful of F-35 stealth jets?

Don’t worry, though. According to Reuters, Donald Trump had a meeting with the heads of BOTH companies today and has some GREAT news:

This us something America has needed for a very long time. We have been getting screwed over by our own arms/jet manufacturers who overprice their gadgetry and then turn around and sell it to other countries (including Saudi Arabia).

Not under President Trump. Now we will finally have someone in charge who understands how important it is to keep our economy from total collapse through excess spending. Sure, the jets may be “cool”, but mismanagement of funds is what TRULY destroys empires.

If you are as proud as I am to finally have a President who is interested in seeing America last for more than just another 50 years, show your pride and help get this great news out to everyone, especially those in the military!!

H/T Liberty Writers

This is a great solution. Good job Donald Trump! Your loyal Air Force heroes are wating your command! What do you think people- the time for holy unity between the christian people has come! We have to pick a side- we could be treacherous liberals in joined forces with Safavids with Shia order, or we could be honest patriots, supporting the justice and the freedom of all christian people. It does not matter if you are Russian or American, we are both christian nations and we wont let the liberals and islamic terrorists destroy the western world!